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        Our Participation in Beamish's Annual Old King Coal Event

The photographs and videos of the Commemoration of The Felling Pit Disaster held in The Felling and at Beamish Museum, that are on that website show that it was a magnificent commemoration, wonderfully organised and executed, involving the whole community, including many schoolchildren from Felling schools. This website will bring details of the events planned by The Felling Heritage Group. The main event for 2014 is the commemoration of the start of WW1, 100 years ago, as well as other exhibitions and events. Stay tuned and while you're waiting for new announcements, admire this fabulous piece of art of the John Pit in The Felling by Colin Cartwright. He is a Gateshead lad and he describes the John Pit as being near where he grew up...though he painted it from this photograph

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