Development of a Book on the History of The Felling

One of the items on the long term agenda of The Felling Heritage Group is to develop a book on the History of the Felling. This website can be used to develop the bare bones of a book and indeed visitors are invited to submit ideas of what they might like to see.

The Township of Heworth by Joan Hewitt is a comprehensive account of the history of Heworth...Nether Heworth, meaning Low Heworth  (and Follingsby) which was rural in nature, a parish with St Mary's Church as its centrepiece. She charts the development of High Heworth and Windy Nook with its church of St Albans and eventually The Felling with its church of Christ Church, the growth of industry  and The Felling's eventual Urban District Council status. Chapter 10, the last chapter of her book is called 'From Heworth to Felling'

This book in the planning, whilst recognising the place of Heworth, will largely have The Felling, along with Windy Nook, Wardley and Bill Quay on centre stage. It will have a background of the ancient history, such as is known, and will inevitably draw on the scholarly work of Joan Hewitt, and predecessors, such as the Rev John Hodgson but it would be pointless if it was merely another version.

The tone will be lighter, not just to reflect the more casual language era in which we now live
but also to have an appeal to a wider audience and deal with the everyday life of the people. In other words...If Joan Hewitt's book was Bowes... ours will be Beamish

If you have any ideas, comments, encouragement or criticism please submit them to our email address which is

The publication of the book will not be any time soon but in the meantime feel free to air ideas, perhaps via the felling heritage group page on Facebook

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