The Felling's Fallen Fighting Folk 
Roll of Honour
(of those Injured or Killed)
H to N

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This is the alphabetical list of surnames beginning H through N of The Felling's fallen fighting folk injured or killed during World War 1

Hagan, Charles.   Private 10th Battalion D.L.I.

Hagan, P.    Tyneside Irish

Hails, Benjamin.  Corporal Royal Field Artillery.

Hall, Robert.  Private 19th Battalion D.L.I.

Hall, Robert,   Private 14th N.F.

Hall, T.   Private N.F.

Hall, Thomas.     Royal Navy

Hall, Thomas Henry.  D.L.I.

Hall, W.   Private D.L.I.  Windy Nook.

Hamilton, J.  Private

Harker, Richard.   Private 20th Battalion Tyneside Scottish. 

Harker, Richard.   L-Cpl N.F. No 1460.  Wardley Colliery.

Harrison, J.

Harrison, Thomas Milner.   Private Machine Gun Corps.

Hartley, A.

Hattle, S.E.   Private N.F.

Hatton, James.   Private 20th Battalion D.L.I.

Hauper, R.   L-Cpl  N.F.   of Wardley.

Havelock,  John Allan.   Corporal.  Military Medal.

Hawker, Walter.   Private.

Hazelby, L.   Seaman R.N.D.

Hebron, T.  Private D.L.I.

Heckels, Henry.   Private 9th D.L.I.

Hedley, Sam.   Private D.L.I.

Hedley, W.

Hedley, William.   Private R.A.M.C.

Henry, Edward James.    Sapper Royal Engineers.

Henry, M.   Private Manchesters.

Herbert, F.  Private.

Herbertson, E.   Private D.L.I.

Heslop, William.   Private 15th Battalion D.L.I.

Hetherington, James.    12th Batt. D.L.I.

Hewitt, J.  Private N.F.

Heyworth, G.

Hibbert, Joseph.   Private 1st East Yorkshire Regiment.

Hibbett, William.  No.73168.  8 Garden Place. 

Hicks, Thomas.    Lance Corporal 7th Battalion Lincolnshire Regiment.

Higginbottom, G.

Higginson, William.  No.109957 R.F.A.  71 Back Elliott Street.

Hilton, T. 

Hindmarsh, G.W.  Private N.F.

Hindmarsh, N.  Private. 

Hindmarsh, Norman.  Private 9th D.L.I.

Hinksman, A.   Corporal N.F.

Hinksman, James.   Private D.L.I.

Hinksman, T.

Holdsworth, W.

Holland, James.   Private 9th D.L.I.

Holmes, Robert.   Private 22nd N.F.

Hopper, James W.   Leading Seaman Royal Naval Division.

Hopes, John.  No.37093 D.L.I.   60 Ridley Terrace.

Horner, J.H.  Sergeant Military Medal, Bill Quay. 

Hornsby, J.  Private N.F.

Houghton, G.

Houldsworth, John H.  Wardley Colliery.

Howes, C.H.   Corporal 15th D.L.I.

Hudspith, Thomas William.   Corporal Royal Engineers.

Hughes, Daniel.   Private King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry 2nd Battalion.

Hughes, J.   Private N.F.

Hughes, W.F.   Able Seaman Royal Naval Division.

Humble, J.   Lance Corporal 10th Yorks.

Humble, P.   Corporal 14th D.L.I.

Humes, John.   Private  25th Battalion Tyneside Irish. N.F.

Hush, Thomas.   Private Yorkshire Regiment. 

Hushcroft, J.  Private 11th D.L.I.

Hutchinson, J.   Private D.L.I.

Hutchinson, Thomas.

Hutton, J.

Hymers, W.   Private R.I. Fusiliers.


Irvine, John.  Private N.F.

Irving, T.   Private 9th D.L.I.

Jackson E.   Private N.F.

Jackson, George.   Private 2nd D.L.I.

Jackson, J.   Private.

Jardine, R.   Corporal.  Military Medal.

Jarvis, A.  Private.  Suffering shell shock. 

Jeffers, J.S.   Private N.F.

Jeffers, J.W.  Lance Corporal D.L.I.   Military Medal.

Jeffers, T.S.   Private N.F.

Jefferson, J.T.

Jefferson, John.   Private D.L.I.

Jenson, Stanley.   Private N.F.

Jewitt, J.G.   Private 9th D.L.I.

Johnson, Archibald John.   D.L.I.

Johnson, Charles Borthwick.

Johnson, G.   Private N.F.

Johnson, H.

Johnson, J.

Johnson, W.   Sergeant Major 9th D.L.I.

Jones, David.  Private 10th D.L.I.

Jones, J.B.  Private.

Jordan, James.  No.22710 D.L.I.  2 Simpsons Buildings

Jukes, Fred.   Private N.F.

Jukes, Hugh.   Private Loyal North Lancashire Regiment.

Kane, Thomas.  Private 11th Battalion D.L.I.

Keenan, Matthew.   Private 14th Battalion D.L.I.

Keenan, Thomas.   Private D.L.I.

Kelly, A.   Private N.F.

Kennedy, John.   Private D.L.I. 

Kenny, Peter.   Private.

Kerr, J.   Signalman D.L.I.

Kerss, D.   Seaman R.N.D.

Kilburn, J.   Gunner.

Kilburn, P.   Private N.F.

Killen, M.   Navy.

Killen, Thomas.    Sergeant King’s Own Scottish Borderers.

Kitchingman, Joel Edwin.   Royal Naval Volunteer Reserves.

Knaggs, Frederick.

Knee, John.

Knight, Frederick Rudolph.   Pioneer Royal Engineers.

Knight, J.   Private N.F.

Knight, R.

Knight, S.     N.F. (Commercials)

Knight, Thomas.   Private 9th D.L.I.

Knight, William Edward.   Royal Naval Division.

Knox, John Thomas.   Private 15th Battalion D.L.I. 

Knox, T.

Lagan, Robert Charles.   Private Royal Marine Brigade.

Laing, J.  Lance Corporal D.L.I.   Wardley Colliery.

Laing, Thomas.   Lance Corporal 15th Battalion D.L.I.

Lamberton, J.T.   Private West Yorkshires.

Lamb, Lawrence.   Able Seaman Hood Battalion.

Landreth, G.   Private D.L.I.   Military Medal.

Lavin, Charles.   Corporal No 251374

Lawlor, D.    D.L.I.

Laws, William.   Private 9th D.L.I.

Laws, William Joseph.    Private 11th D.L.I.

Lewis, J.   Corporal Tyneside Irish  N.F.

Lewis, W.

Liddell, E.   Private N.F.

Liddle, John.   Driver Lance Corporal 11th D.L.I.

Lightfoot, J.M.  Private 1st Coldstream Guards.

Lightfoot, Joseph.   Sergeant  9th D.L.I.

Lightfoot, W.   Private N.F.

Lisle, James J.   Private 4th Northumberland Fusiliers.

Lister, George.   Private.

Lister, John.    11th Batt. D.L.I.

Livingstone, B.   Private K.O.S.B.

Livingstone, Joseph.   Private 2nd D.L.I.

Livingstone, R.   Private K.O.S.B.

Locket, T.  Lance  Sergeant 12th D.L.I.   Military Medal.

Loftus, Peter.

Logan, Corporal

Long, Edward.  Private 2nd N.F.

Long, J.   Sergeant D.L.I.   Military Medal.

Long, John.   Second Lieutenant 18th D.L.I.    Military Medal.

Longworth, C.   Sergeant Major 17th D.L.I. 

Lowe, Thomas.   Private 15th Battalion D.L.I.

Lower, D.  Private 12th N.F.

Lowes, T.

Lowrey, James.  Private N.F.

Lumsden, G.   Private D.L.I.

Lunam, Adam.   Private N.F. or R.N.D.

Lunam, W.   Gunner Royal Naval Volunteer Reserves.   D.S.M.

Lund, Albert Ernest Clifton.   Private 2nd Battalion Royal Fusiliers.

Lynn, Harry.   Private Alexandra, Princess of Wales Own Yorkshire Regiment. 

Lynn, W.   Private Lancs Regiment.

Mackin, J.   Sergeant N.F.

Mackin, John Thomas.   Royal Engineers.

Mackin, Thomas.   Private 26th Batt. Tyneside Irish N.F.

Magill, Bernard.  No.184955 R.E.   13 The Avenue.

Maguire, J.   Private N.F.

Major, Frederick Clark.

Malley, M.   Private N.F.

Mandale,, John James.   Driver N.F.

Mark, R.W.

Marks, Robert.   Private Yorks & Lancs.

Marshall, G.   Sergeant D.L.I.

Marshall, J.H.

Marshall, Joseph H.  Sapper Royal Engineers.

Martin, Frederick.   Private N.F.

Martindale, R.   Private Cheshires.

Maughan, William.  Private 25th N.F.

Maxwell, Thomas.    Lived 6 Lammas Street.

May, John William.   Private 9th Battalion D.L.I.

May, W.   Lance Corporal D.L.I.

McAtominey.    Sergeant D.L.I.

McCall, A.

McCall, E.   3/9th D.L.I.

McCarty, James.   Private.

McClelland G.F.   Private D.L.I.

McCombes, William.  Private.

McCruden, J.    Tyneside Irish.

McDonald, F.S.   Private D.L.I.

McDonald, J.S.   Private N.F.

McDonald, T.P.   Private D.L.I.

McElwee, J.   Private D.L.I.

McGall, J.   Private  D.L.I.

McGiffen, Robert.   Private Border Regiment.

McGovern, Kevin George.   Private 2nd Battalion The Light Infantry.

McGregor, Edward.   Private  2nd D.L.I.

McGrowther, Joseph.   Sergeant 10th D.L.I. 

McGuigan, William.   Private D.L.I.

McGuiggan, Peter.  Gunner R.F.A.

McGuinness, James Stewart.   Royal Dublin Fuliliers. 7th Battalion.

McGuire, John.  Private Cameronians (Scottish Rifles).

McIntyre, J.   Private Yorks.

McIntyre, W. Private. Felling. Wounded.

McKay, S.

McKenna, Arthur.    7th Batt. D.L.I.

McKenna, J.T.    D.L.I.

McKeown, James.   Private. 

McKie, A.    Royal Engineers

McKie, D.   Sergeant 9th D.L.I.

McKie, H.   Private 9th D.L.I.

McLea, G.   Private 2nd D.L.I.

McMahon, Francis.   Private.

McMenham, M.   Private D.L.I.

McNulty, P.   Seaman

McPeak, John.   Private.  

McShane, Vincent.    Lieutenant 15th Battalion N.F.

McWilliams, D.

McWilliams, P.  Private. Wounded.

Meach, Henry.  No32037 Kings Own Light Infantry.  47 Heworth High Lane.

Mellon, Michael M.   Pioneer Royal Engineers.

Millen, J.W.  Private.   Wardley. Wounded.

Millen, W.

Miller, Andrew.   1/5th D.L.I.

Miller, B.

Miller, P.

Milling, J.H.   Private 9th D.L.I.

Milling, James Alexander.   Private.

Milling, Joseph.   Private D.L.I.

Mills, W.   Private N.F.

Milne, R.B.   Lance Corporal 9th D.L.I.

Milne, R.B.  Lance Corporal 9th D.L.I.

Minnigan, R.

Mitchell, Robert.   Sapper Royal Engineers.

Monahan, Patrick.  No122792 R.A.M.C.   22 Holly Hill.

Montgomery, J.   Private D.L.I.

Montgomery, P.   Private Wilts Regiment.

Montgomery, S.   Private N.F.

Montgomery, W.   Private D.L.I.

Moody, Frederick.  No.33008 D.L.I.   2 Park Row.

Moody, H.    Lance Corporal 9th D.L.I.

Moore, Robert William.   Private.

Moore, Sam.   Sapper Royal Engineers.

Moore, Tom.   Sergeant.

Moorhead, James.   Private.

Morris, W.  Lance-Coporal. Windy Nook. Wounded.

Morrison, Alexander Dingwall  Private Machine Gun Corps.

Mortimer, Andrew.   Private Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry.

Morton, J.   Private 14th D.L.I.

Morton, R.   Private 9th D.L.I.

Morton, R.   Private.

Maughan, J.  Able Seaman R.N.V.R.

Moultrie, W.B.

Mudd, C.C.

Mulholland, Henry.   Private 10th Batt. N.F.

Mullen, Daniel.  Seaman. Felling Shore.

Mullen, G.   Royal Field Artillery.

Mullen, Hugh.   Lance Corporal.

Mullen, Joseph.   Petty Officer R.N.V.R. Hood Battalion.

Mullen, Thomas.   Gunner Royal Field Artillery.

Mulligan,  John.   Private 10th Battalion D.L.I.

Mulligan, J.

Murphy, Joseph.   Sergeant 13th D.L.I.

Murray, A.

Murray, Henry.   Private 1/9th D.L.I.

Murray, J.

Murray, Timothy Johnson.   Corporal 1/9th D.L.I.

Musgrave, George.   Driver Royal Field Artillery.

Nee, John.   Lance Corporal Tyneside Irish N.F.

Neesom, Henry.   Lance Corporal Machine Gun Corps.

Newman, S.   Private N.F.

Newsome, Samuel.   Able Seaman R.N.D.

Newton, John.  Private 9th D.L.I.

Nichol, George William.    Lived 6 Railway Place, Felling.

Nichol, J.

Nicholson, J.

Noble, M.L.  Private N.F.  of Wardley.

Noble, W.

Norman, Patrick Joseph.  Private 8th Battalion N.F.

Norris, William.   Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery.