The Felling's Fallen Fighting Folk 
Roll of Honour 
(of those Injured or Killed)
O to Z

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O’Brien, F.    Royal Engineers.

O’Brien, J.   Navy.

O’Brien, T.    Armed Services Corps.

O’Brien, William.   St. Johns R.C. Church list.

O’Conner, John.   Private.

O’Dean, J.   Private .

O’Donnell, T.    N.F.

O’Hagan, Patrick.  St. John’s School list.

O’Kelly, M.F.   Private N.F.

O’Neill, F.   Private 18th N.F.

O’Neill, J.H.   Private N.F.

O’Reilly, H.   Private N.F.

Olds, Henry.   Felling Council School list.

Olds, Robert.   Felling Council School list.

Olsen, Harry.   Sergeant Royal Engineers.

Oram, Stephen.   Felling Council School list.

Orrel, Edward   Sergeant 14th D.L.I.

Ostle, Richard.   Felling Council School list.

Owen, Frank.  Felling Council School list.

Owens, John.   Felling Council Schoollist.

Owens, William.  St. John’s School list.

Oxberry, John A.

Oxberry, Thomas.  Windy Nook School list.


Pace, William.   Corporal R.A.M.C.

Padgett, J.C.

Parkin, H.   Private N.F.

Parkin, Septimus.  Stoker H.M.S. Invinciple.

Parking, Gunner.  R.G.A.  Military Medal.

Parmley, C.

Parmley, Joseph.   Private 12th Battalion D.L.I. 

Patterson, Joshua.   Felling Council School list.

Patterson, M.J.   Sergeant Major. 

Pattison, George.   Felling Council School list.

Pattison, John E.   Felling Council School list.

Pattison, Robert.   Private 1/5th Battalion N.F.

Pearson, A.   Private N.F.

Pearson, Ernest.   Felling Council School list.

Pearson, Henry   Driver Royal Army Service Corps.

Pearson, J.A.   Private N.F. 

Pearson, Jas. F.   Felling Council School list

Pearson, J.H.   Private 9th D.L.I.

Pearson, James.   Private D.L.I. Bill Quay School List 

Pearson, James.   St. Johns R.C. School list.

Pearson, Jasper.   Felling Council School list.

Pearson, John G.  Felling Council School list.

Pearson, Joe.   St. Johns R.C. School list.

Pearson, P.G.   Windy Nook School list.

Pearson, William.    St. Johns R.C. School list.

Pearson, William H.   Felling Council School list.

Peatt, S.   Lieutenant  R.N.R.

Pendleton, J.   Private D.L.I.

Pendleton, W.   Private D.L.I.

Percival, J.   Sergeant Yorks.

Percival, M.V.   Private R.F.

Perrott, William   Private D.L.I.

Peters, Harold Ernest.  No.114075 Royal Regiment of Artillery.  Old Toll House.

Peters, William R.  Private R.M.L.I..

Pharoah, Tyson.   Private 9th D.L.I.

Phillipson, Christopher.   Private 2nd Battalion Coldstream Guards. 

Phillipson, T.H.   Windy Nook School list.

Pickering, S.   Private N.F.

Pickles, Thomas.   Private 1st Yorks.

Pitt, Robert William.   Corporal 1/8th Battalion D.L.I. 

Place, Anthony.  Windy Nook School list.

Place, Thomas.   Windy Nook School list

Plews, George. 

Plews, Jno.   Bill Quay School list.

Porritt, J.   Lance Corporal N.F.

Porritt, J.E.  Second Lieutenant N.F. 

Potter, Albert Edward.   Felling Council School list.

Potter, T.   Private D.L.I.

Potts, Len.  Bill Quay School list.

Potts, N.R.   Private D.L.I.

Potts, Robert.  Felling Council School list.

Potts, Thomas.  High Felling School list.

Potts, W.   Lance Corporal 18th N.F.

Powers, J.R.   Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery.

Pratt, Norman W.  Corporal.  Windy Nook School list.

Pratt, S. Lieutenant R.N.R.   D.S.C.

Priest, Ernest.

Prime, George.  Felling Council School list.

Prince, William.   Bill Quay School list.

Prior, John.   Felling Council School list. 

Proctor, Albert.   Felling Council School list.

Proctor, R.   Seaman R.N.D.

Proctor, William   Corporal D.L.I. 

Prudham, James.  High Felling school list.

Prudham, Thomas   Private D.L.I.

Punton, William  Leading Seaman, D.C.M. Wardley

Purdie, E.   Sergeant.

Purdy, James   Private.

Purdy, Joseph.   Private 18th N.F. 

Purdy, William.   Felling Council School list.

Purvis, Robert.   Private D.L.I.  Military Medal.


Quigley, Charles.  D.L.I.  Lived 14 Garden Place.  

Quigley, E.   Private Yorks.

Quigley, Joseph.   Private N.F.

Quinn, J.   Sapper Royal Engineers.

Quinn, James.   Private Scottish Borderers.

Quinn, James.  Sapper Royal Engineers.

Quinn, John Henry.    Lived 1 Lammes Street.

Quinn, Robert.   St. Johns R.C. School list.

Quinn, Michael.  St. John’s School & Felling Council School list.

Quinn, Thomas.   No.30643 Lincs. Regiment.  5 Simpsons Buildings.


Rae, J.   Private D.L.I.

Rafferty, James.   St. Johns R.C. School list.

Ramsden, Edward.   Windy Nook School list.

Ramsden, J.   Lance Corporal D.L.I.

Ransden, James.   Windy Nook School list.

Ramsden, John.  Windy Nook School list.

Ramsey, John. H.

Ramshaw, George William.   Private N.F.

Ramshaw, Thomas.   High Felling School list.

Ransome, Thomas.    Lived 9 George Street.

Ranson, Chris.

Ranson, R.F.   Navy.

Reavey, John.   Lived 7 South Street.

Reay, George Edward.   Windy Nook schoollist.

Reay, James Hilliard. Petty Officer Stoker.

Reay, Thomas W.

Reay, Matthew.   Private 5th Battalion Royal Scots.

Reay, William.

Redhead, George.   N.F.

Reed, Edward.   Felling Council School list.

Reed, George Myles.   Private Royal Army Service Corps

Reed, James.   Felling Council School list.

Reed, T.B.   Private D.L.I.

Reid, John.   Felling Council School list.

Rennison, William.   (Commission) Bill Quay School list.

Reynolds, Edward J.   Sergeant Tyneside Irish.

Reynolds, John.   St.John’s School list.

Reynolds, T.   Private N.F.

Reynolds. T.A.   St. Johns R.C. School list.

Richardson, Herbert C.

Richardson, James.   D.L.I.  Lived 8 Sykes Buildings (?), Felling.

Richardson, James.   Private Lincolnshire Regiment.

Richardson, John Peel.   Private.

Richardson, John.    D.L.I.  Lived High House Farm, Wardley.

Richardson, John.   High Felling Council School list.

Richardson, Joseph.   D.L.I.  Lived 18 Garden Place, Felling.

Richardson, Palmer.   Private N.F.

Richardson, Percy A.

Richardson, Thomas.  Private 9th Battalion Royal Fusiliers.

Richardson, Thomas.   9th N.F.

Richardson, Thomas.  18th D.L.I.

Richardson, Thomas William.  High Felling school list.

Richardson, William.   High Felling school list.

Richardson, William Hy.   9th D.L.I.

Richardson, William J.

Richie, Edward.   Sergeant Machine Gun Corps.

Riddle, George.   Private 9th D.L.I.

Ridley, H.M.   Second Lieutenant D.L.I.

Ridley, Jonathan.   Northumbrian Division Train ASC.

Ridley, Joseph.  Sergeant D.L.I.b

Ridley, Reay.   Lieutenant Duke of Wellington.  M.C.

Ridley, William Snowball.   Lieutenant D.L.I.    D.C.M.

Riley, Henry,   Private 1/8th Battalion D.L.I.

Riseborough, Sam.   Bill Quay School list.

Robbie, A.   Private Royal Marine Light Infantry. 

Roberts, J.   Private  N.F.

Roberts, William.   Lived 28 Elsdon Street.

Robertson, J.

Robertson, R.  Gunner  R.O.A. or R.G.A.

Robertson, Sydney.   High Felling School list.

Robertson, William.  Private.

Robinson, Archibald.   High Felling School list.

Robinson, David.  Windy Nook School list.

Robinson, Ben.   Windy Nook School list.

Robinson, Jas. R.   Seaman Royal Naval Division.

Robinson, John.   Bill Quay School list.

Robinson, John W.

Robinson, Joseph.   Windy Nook School list.

Robinson, L.   Private 13th Northumberland Fusiliers.

Robinson, Ralph.  Windy Nook School list.

Robinson, Stanley.  Felling Council School list.

Robinson, Thomas.   Private 16th Chesters.

Robinson, Thomas.  Private R.M.

Robinson, Thomas William. Private.

Robinson, William.  Seaman R.N.D.   Windy Nook.

Robson, G.  Corporal.   Wardley Colliery. Wounded. 

Robson, James.   34th N.F.

Robson, Jasper.  Private 3rd Coldstream Guards.
(death date 14.10.1914 Hamburg Cemetery, son of Matthew Jasper Robson and Hannah Margaret Robson of 15 Bolam Street, Felling on Tyne. Born at Hunmanby, Yorks)

Robson, John.   Felling Council School list.

Robson, Joseph.   Felling Council School list.

Robson, J.L.

Robson, L.   9th D.L.I.

Robson, Peter.  Felling Council School list.

Robson, Robert.   Bill Quay School list.

Robson, Thomas.    2nd D.L.I.

Robson, Watson.  High Felling School list.

Roche, Patrick.   Private East Yorks.

Rodger, A.

Rodgers, C.H.  Worker.  Q.M. Army Aux. Corps.

Rogan, Martin.    Private 24th N.F.

Rogan, William.   St. Johns R.C. School list.

Roger, Albert.   Royal Navy.

Rollins, J.   Sapper Royal Engineers.

Ronan, John.  Fireman and Trimmer, Mercantile Marine

Ronan, James.   Private D.L.I.

Roony, George.   St. Johns R.C. School list.

Rooney, Joseph.   Private N.F.

Roony, Mark.   St. Johns R.C. School list.

Ross, Albert.  R.N.D.

Ross, J.F.   Able Seaman R.N.D.

Ross, John Thomas.   R.N.D.

Ross, Thomas.

Ross, William.   5th D.L.I.

Rowan, F.   Private N.F.

Rowe, Fred.

Rowe, John.

Rowell, Thomas.   St. Johns R.C. School list.

Rowland, T.   Driver Royal field Artillery.

Rowland, Thomas H.   Seaman R.N.D.

Rowley, A.    Private East Yorkshire Regiment.

Rowley, W.   Private Kings Own Scottish Borderers.

Rudge, James.   Felling Council School list.

Rudge, Ralph.   8th D.L.I.

Rudge, William.   A.C.C.

Rush, H.S.   Private D.L.I.

Rush, T.

Rutter, R.   Private D.L.I.


Sadler, Robert.   Felling Council School list.

Sadler. William.   Felling Council School list.

Salkeld, Joseph.   Windy Nook School list.

Salkeld, Robert.   Windy Nook School list.

Salkeld, Michael.   Windy Nook School list.

Salmon, James.  Died P.O.W. aged 23 years.

Samual, William.   Felling Council School list.

Saynor, A.

Saynor, Edward.   Gunner Royal Field Artillery.

Scaife, John.   Windy Nook School list.

Scorer, T.  Sergeant D.L.I. of Wardley.

Scott, Arther.

Scott, B.S.   Able Seaman.

Scott, Edward.   D.L.I.

Scott, F.H.   Private 9th D.L.I.

Scott, J.   270th Infantry.

Scott, J.   Private D.L.I.

Scott, J.W.   Sergeant Royal Engineers.

Scott, John Henderson.   Private 1st. Battalion Dorsetshire Regiment.

Scott, Percy W.  Bill Quay School list.

Scott, Robert William.   Felling Council School list.

Scott, Thomas.  Private N.F.  Felling Council School list.

Scott, William. (Scout)  Felling Council School list.  

Scullion, Edward.   Private N.F.

Selby, William.   Felling Council School list.

Senior, Albert.  Felling Council School list.

Shaw, George A.

Shearer, S.    Sergeant D.L.I.

Sheder, Robert.

Sheffer, James B.

Sheffer, Thomas William Beattie.   Private R.A.M.C.

Sherrick, Alexander.   Lived 69 Crow Hall Lane.

Sherrick, Gavin.   Felling Council School list.

Sheet, G.C.   Sergeant.

Shields, Police Constable at Felling, Coldstream Guards.

Shivers,  J.H.   Private Yorks and Lancs.

Short, Jessie Robert   Lance Corporal 24th N.F., Tyneside Irish
Shot for Alleged Mutiny. Pardoned in 2006
Entered on Wikipedia

The Levellers song in tribute to Jessie Robert Short
See the Shot At Dawn Memorial at the bottom of this page

Short, Robert.  Felling Council School list.

Short, William.   Bill Quay School list.

Silmeen, W.
William McGraham Silmeen was killed in action on the 5th of June, 1917.
He is remembered with honour on the Arras Memorial.

Sim, E. Driver Royal Field Artillery.

Simblet, Albert William.   Private D.L.I.

Simblet, G.   Royal Engineers.

Simblet, John W.   D.L.I.   St. Johns R.C. School list.

Simblet, Walter.   Lived 51 Ridley Street, Felling.

Simm, Edwin.   Felling Council School list.

Simms, Edward.   Felling Council School list.

Simpson, Charles.

Simpson, J.H.   Able Seaman R.N.V.S.

Simpson, John William.  2nd D.L.I.   Lived 2 Walkers Buildings, Felling Shore.

Simpson, Joseph. Corporal  1/8 Battalion D.L.I.

Simpson, Joseph.   Private 5th Iniskilling. 

Simpson, R.   Sapper Royal Engineers.

Simpson, T. Private N.F.   Wardley. 

Simpson, W.N. Private  R.M.L.I.

Simpson, William.   Private Royal Marines.

Sisterson, Stuart.

Skimmigs, Fred.   Bill Quay School list.

Skimmings, J.

Slasor, George.  West Yorkshire Regiment.

Slasor, James.  D.L.I.

Sleeth, J.   Felling Council School list.

Sleeth, William.  Private 7th Battalion Leicestershire Regiment.

Sloan, James.   Private 8th Battalion N.F.

Slowther, Alex.  Able Seaman.

Slowther, James.   Wounded. St. Johns R.C. School list.

Slowther, John.   St. Johns R.C. School list.

Smith, A.  Corporal, Felling,  Wounded.

Smith, Alf.   Seaman. Stoker lost with the Warrior.

Smith, David.   Windy Nook School list.

Smith, David George.   13th D.L.I.

Smith, C.G. Private 16th N.F.

Smith, Frank.   Private Coldstream Guards. 

Smith, G.   13th D.L.I.

Smith, G.M.

Smith, George R.   Felling Council School list.

Smith, George William. Private 1/9th Battalion D.L.I.

Smith, J.   D.L.I.

Smith, James B.   No.3952 D.L.I.

Smith, R. Corporal.

Smith, Richard G.  High Felling School list.

Smith, Robert.   R.F.

Smith, Robert Henry. Private 9th Battalion D.L.I.

Smith, T.H.  Private N.F.

Smith, Thomas.   13th D.L.I.

Snowball, George.  Private 9th D.L.I.

Snowball, John.   Felling Council School list.

Snowball, Robert.  Private  11th D.L.I.

Soulsby, Jno.  Bill Quay School list. Wardley Colliery.

Southern, N. Private.   Military Medal.

Southern, Robert.  Private 2nd Battalion Royal Munster Fusiliers.

Southern, Robert.   Lce-Corporal. Windy Nook School list.

Southern, William Lambert.   Private Sherwood Foresters.

Sowerby, George.   High Felling school list.

Sparks, George.   Felling Council School list.

Sparks, William.   Felling Council School list.

Spedding, John.   Windy Nook School list.

Spencer, William Robert.

Spencelayh, John.  Private 2nd D.L.I.

Spoors, J.  Private 9th D.L.I.

Spoors, J.D.   Private 2nd D.L.I.

Spoors, R.R.  Corporal N.F.

Stafford, John E.   Windy Nook school list.

Stainbank, R.W.  Private D.L.I.

Stanners, Frederick.

Stark, T.B.  Private D.L.I.

Stavers, James.

Staward, E.

Stayman, W.

Stead, Jonas.   Private D.L.I.

Stead, Patrick.  Private N.F.

Stead, Thomas.   St. John’s School list.

Steel, Albert.  High Felling school list.

Steel, Andrew.   1st D.L.I.

Steel, Carl.   High Felling school list.

Steel, C.L.   R.E.

Steel, J.H.    11th D.L.I.

Stell, Thomas.   Felling Council School list.

Stephenson, Eppie.  High Felling School list.

Stephenson, George S.    Shoeing Smith Northumberland Hussars Yeomanry. 

Stephenson, George.   Bill Quay School list.  Killed.

Stephenson, J.  Private N.F.

Stephenson, M.   Windy Nook School list.

Stephenson, Thomas.  Corporal N.F.

Stephenson, Thomas.   Bill Quay School list.

Sterling, Edward.   Windy Nook School list.

Sterling, H.  Able Seaman Royal Naval Division.

Sterling, John.   Windy Nook school list.

Sterling, William.  Private D.L.I.   Military Medal.

Stewart, Fred.   Sergeant 10th D.L.I.

Stewart, James.

Stewart, Thomas.

Stokoe, John Richard.

Stoke, Robert.

Stokoe, William.   Felling Council School list.

Storey, Charles.  Windy Nook School list.

Storey, Edward.  Felling Council School list.

Storey, J. T.  Sergeant 13th D.L.I. 

Storey, Leslie.   Felling Council School list. 

Storey, R.  Lance Corporal  D.L.I.

Story, John.   Gunner.

Story, R.  Lance Corporal  D.L.I.

Stott, John Thomas.   Private 18th N.F.

Stott, Jno. E.   Bill Quay School list.

Stott, John William.  Private R.A.M.C.

Stott, T.  Private N.F.

Straker, F.   Private 14th Kings R.R.

Stratton, J.   Private R.F.A.

Stubbs, James Woodruff.  Lance Corporal.

Sturrock, Harold.

Sugden, Mark.   Private 2nd D.L.I.

Suggett, G.

Suggett, William.   Lance Corporal  19th Liverpool Regiment. 

Summers, Anthony.  

Summers, M.  Bugler Major  14th D.L.I.

Summers, Thomas.   Windy Nook school list.

Sunderland, J.

Sutherland, John.   Private 18th N.F.

Sutton, Ughtred.  Private Welsh Regiment.

Swan, William.   Felling Council School list.

Swinburne, Ernest.   Bill Quay School list.

Swinburne, Fred.   Bill Quay School list.

Swinburne, George.  

Syson, John.


Tailford, J.

Tait, T.  Private.

Tait, Thomas.  Private 6th  Border Regiment.

Tate (Tait) William.   Felling Council School.

Taylor, Charles.   Windy Nook School list.

Taylor, Edward.   No 155567 Royal Engineers.  Lived 25 Davidson Street.

Taylor, G.  Private D.L.I.  Bill Quay.

Taylor, J.W.   Corporal 8th Somerset Light Infantry.

Tayor, Oliver.   Windy Nook School list.

Taylor, T.   Corporal Royal Field Artillery.

Taylor, W.  Private.

Taylor, William.   Sergeant. Bill Quay School list.

Taylor, William.  Private 12th Battalion D.L.I.

Teasdale, Albert.

Terrnant, J.

Terry, J.   Sergeant N.F. No 879 

Thirlwall, William.

Thomas, Edward.

Thomas, Ted.  Driver R.F.A.

Thompson, E.  Private  1/9th Battalion D.L.I.

Thompson, Edward.

Thompson, Fred.   Private.  Machine Gun Corps.

Thompson, George.   Private 13th D.L.I.

Thompson, J.   Lance Corporal 10th D.L.I.

Thompson, James.  Private 2nd Battalion D.L.I.

Thompson, Joseph.   8th N.F.

Thompson, Joseph.   High Felling School list.

Thompson, Henry.   No.964 Army Vet Corps.  3 George Street, Heworth Lane.

Thompson, Herbert.

Thompson, Robert Victor.   R.N.

Thompson, T.  Private 2nd D.L.I.

Thompson, W.   Private 6th Yorks.

Thompson, William.  Private D.L.I.

Thomson, Godfrey Hylton.   High Felling school list.

Evening Chronicle 17th June 2014

Thorne, William, Battery Sergeant Major, 21917, Royal Field Artillery

Thynn, E.  Private East Yorks. D.C.M.

Tiernay, P.  Private N.F.

Tinkler, Charles.   Windy Nook School list.

Tinkler, John.  Able Seaman R.N.V.R.

Tippett, James William.   Private 5th D.L.I.

Toberty, Henry.   Trooper Life Guards.

Tomlinson, James.   High Felling School list.

Tomlinson, Jno.   Windy Nook School list.

Toner, Frank.   25th batt. Tyneside Irish.

Toner, J.

Toole, Edward.   Private (Signaller)  3/9th D.L.I.

Toole, W.  Sergeant  R.F.A.

Towers, W.

Towers, William.   Private 1/4th Battalion East Yorkshire Regiment.

Trainor, Patrick.  St. John’s School list.

Trayner, P.   Royal Field Artillery.

Treadwell, George R.

Trueman, M.  Private D.L.I.

Troy, David.   R.N.   HMS EB10

Troy, William Herbert.   K.O.Y.L.I.

Tucker, G.W.  Sergeant Major D.L.I.

Turnbull, Alex.   Windy Nook School list.

Turnbull, F.B.   Windy Nook School list.

Turnbull, G.B.   Windy Nook School list.

Turnbull, Henry.   Felling Council School list.

Turnbull, J.J.  Private Royal Engineers.

Turnbull, R.  Private D.L.I.

Turnbull, R.G.  Seaman. M.M.   Windy Nook.

Turner, R.   Private 9th D.L.I.

Twizell, James.  No 424543 A.S.C.  Lived 44 Helmsdale Avenue.

Tyson, John H.  Private 12th D.L.I.

Tyson, Moses.   Private 9th D.L.I.


Urwin, Alfred.   Private N.F.

Usher, J.S.  Private 14th D.L.I.


Wakeling, J.T.

Walker, Private Boarders.

Wallace, J. Corporal  Borderers.

Wallace, P.  Private, Wardley, Died of wounds.

Wallace, Robinson.  Second Lieutenant D.L.I.

Walls, Robert.   14th D.L.I.

Wardle, George.  Private  4th N.F.

Wardle, J.  Private Cheshire Regiment.

Wardle, T.  Seaman.

Wardle, Thomas.   L/Sergeant 16th N.F.

Wardle, William.  Private 1/7th Liverpool Regiment.

Watchman, J.K.   Private Machine Gun Corps. 

Watson, F.F.  Seaman R.N.D.

Watson, F.R.

Watson, John.  Private A.S.H.

Watson, Robert Dunn.  No 415589.  Lived 23 Stephenson Terrace.

West, G.W.  Seaman.

West, Robert.   Sapper Royal Engineers.

West, W.   Private N.F.

Wheatherley, M.  Corporal D.L.I.

Whinhan, George Osmand.  Private Kings Liverpool Regiment.

White, H.  Private Coldstream Guards.

White, Herbert Thomas.  Captain.

Whitehead, J.  Private 4th D.L.I.

Whitehead, J.   2nd N.F.

Whitehead, W.

Whitten, H.W.

Wiffen, George.  Private.

Wilkinson, John.   Stoker.

Wilkinson, William.  No. 30601 Labour Batt. W. Yorkshire Regiment

Williams, E.  Corporal D.L.I.

Williams, H.  Corporal Machine Gun Corps.

Williams, R.  Gunner. Wounded

Williams, Thomas.  Private 9th D.L.I.  Felling

Williams, T.   Private D.L.I.  Pelaw.

Williamson, Ernest.  Sergeant.

Wilson, Charles.   Private 9th D.L.I.

Wilson, Edward.

Wilson, G.  Able Seaman.

Wilson, J.R.   Private 12th D.L.I.

Wilson, John.    R.N.D. 

Wilson, John.   Ldg. Stoker.

Wilson, Thomas W.

Wilson, W.  Lance Corporal D.L.I.

Wilson, W.F.  Sergeant D.L.I.

Winder, J.  Sapper Royal Engineers.

Windwood, John.   Lance Corporal 18th N.F.

Winn, Sydney.   Private 1st E. Yorks 

Winship, W.  Private N.F.

Winter, W.

Winter, W.  Private 20th Battalion D.L.I.

Wonacot, G.  Private N.F.

Wonacott, J. Private R.F.   Windy Nook.

Wood, Andrew.  Private 13th D.L.I.

Wood, G.  Private N.F.

Wood, George. Private 13th D.L.I.

Wood, James.   Private 9th D.L.I.

Wood, Thomas.  Private Tyneside Scottish.

Wood, William.  Private 6th Yorks.

Wood, William.  Royal Naval Division.

Woodhouse, William.  Private D.L.I.

Woodruff, J.L.   Lance Corporal 9th Batt. N.F.

Woodruff, Robert.    R.F.A.C.

Woods, G.

Wraith, Lance Corporal A.S.C.

Wright, Charles Douglas.  Private N.F.

Wright, J.  Private  8th D.L.I.

Wrightson, A.  Private D.L.I.


York, J.   Driver R.F.A.

Young, A.

Young, C. Private  D.C.M.

Young, G.  Sergeant Royal Field Artillery Batt.  Merit Service Medal.