Early History of The Felling

The Felling, at one time, and for a long time, was bonny hunting grounds on the banks of the Tyne before the felling of the trees made way for the digging up of the coal, created by the multiple generations of the trees rotting down. That's it really. God created it and The Church owned it. So what was there not to like?
Well, the Church let the whole lot, for a pittance, to a string of very wealthy folk who became wealthier still by exploiting the natural resources of the land, not just the coal but grindstones and pottery clay. Having a river was a handy free resource to export to London and around the World. 

That was penned by Jon Bratton, a member of The Felling Heritage Group who has a slightly more detailed Early History of The Felling piece on his own website.
It is The Felling Heritage Group's intention to present local history in a less formal way, you might say, magazine style.
An approach to a book similar to our Beamish friends' approach to a museum