Heritage Group's participation in
Old King Coal Beamish

The Felling Heritage Group were invited to take The Felling Colliery banner to Old King Coal 2014 Beamish to take part in the event on Saturday and Sunday and also to provide volunteers to serve up juice and cake on the first two days...Thursday 27th and Friday 28th March 2014

Thursday and Friday were the junior miners gala days when schools came along to parade their school banners.  The parade started at 11:30am on the Town street, outside the Masonic Hall. 
When the parade arrived in the pit village there were lots of activities taking place for the children to try – one of these activities was the Thomas Hepburn Tea Tent (in aid of the 150th anniversary of his death and the fact that he sold tea when he fell on hard times and was a temperance enthusiast!)  Members of the Group served cordial and cake to the children in the tent  

Saturday 29th March – banner parade for opening of Pit Pony Stables
Banner parade from the Town (starting outside the Masonic) to the Pit Village started at 11:30am and the attending members of the Group marched with the Felling Colliery banner 

On Sunday 30th March a further banner parade took place from Town to Pit Village at 1:30pm.   

2015 Old King Coal

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