The Making of our WW1 Banner

At the previous meeting it was the general view that the soldier silhouette standing at a makeshift grave should be used for the main illustration. 
The silhouette and lettering of  WW1, and  2014-18 Centenary are now done. 
 As can be seen with 'centenary' it is much easier to use chunky lettering and this is agreed by Group. Below the burning brand and 'The Felling' there's to be a slogan.  'Lest We Forget' was the one chosen by the Group's members. Alternatives were 'The Felling remembers the fallen'..The Felling...forgetting not the fallen...The Felling's Fallen shall not be forgotten

A work in progress 

Below the soldier and cross is a broad black non straight line and a few small poppies painted on, per this illustration on which the design is based 

Here's a variation that was considered. The burning brand and poppy combined. The Group chose to have the burning brand 'poppified'

Stay tuned... 

It was getting there

The finished banner..front

and back

When still working on this. It had taken a couple of weeks to get the front done
in 2 hours I made this approx 4ft x 3ft main banner image